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At VFS, we offer a UK HMRC approved Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS), a unique pension solution, specifically selected to suit the needs of Africans with current UK pension benefits. Our QROPS program can provide you with the opportunity of transferring your accrued UK pension benefits to a more flexible pension scheme.

Our QROPS scheme offers flexible retirement benefits, has no requirement to purchase an annuity and allows you to be more involved in the management of your pension funds. Our scheme is very portable, and allows you to move back to Africa without any loss of pension benefits and in a much more tax-efficient manner.

You can learn more about QROPS here .

We work with a leading independent, FSA registered UK pensions firm and are therefore able to offer a seamless service which includes assessing and aggregating all your accumulated UK Pension benefits, selecting or constructing the best QROP structure for you, obtaining permission for you to join the QROP of your choice, asset selection and execution. Our combined team of professionals have the experience, expertise, technical knowledge and skills required to enable you have the peace of mind that usually comes with the knowledge that your pension is being well managed and administered and will be available to you at very short notice.

Our QROPS can address the needs of UK residents who are still thinking of coming back to Africa, or those who have already come back to Africa but left pension monies in the UK.

Our QROPS Application Form is available here .

To learn more about how we can help, please feel free to contact us on +27 011 039 1979 or 011 039 0879 or send us an email here .

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