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Corporate Solutions
VFS Risk Services

At VFS Risk Services, we have the right insurance and risk management services, products and solutions suitable for individuals, companies, municipal authorities and government departments. Our range of products and solutions includes asset protection products (such as for cars, machinery, buildings, etc), income loss, professional indemnities, disability, etc. Learn more about our products and services:

Institutional Solutions

VFS Wealth Managers offers a wide range of products and services to cover most institutional investors' needs. We have developed extensive investment expertise and servicing capabilities to meet the specific needs of each type of client. We possess the requisite skills, thought leadership, and supporting systems to provide the finest in financial thinking, products and execution for companies, governments and institutional investors from around the globe.

Corporate Risk Managment

Risk Assessment

At VFS Risk Services, we not only offer a comprehensive range of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) products, but we also offer, for free to our clients an Enterprise Risk Assessment service to enable them manage assets better and minimise insurance premium cost. We usually recommend that our clients do this exercise first before obtaining any quotes for their short term insurance requirements.


VFS Capital offers consulting solutions to clients who need specific research on selected financial institutions. We have expertise in analysing financial firms, with special focus on African banks. We undertake research and financial analysis, business modelling, and profit drivers, delivering independent reports to institutional investors, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and developmental financial institutions.

Investment Consulting

VFS Wealth Manager provides the highest quality of investment advice and practical solutions to corporations, foundations, trustees, and endowments. We assist with every aspect of institutional investing from strategy, structure and implementation through to ongoing portfolio management. We work with our partners to provide a broad network of research staff that has knowledge of economic and capital market trends. We maintain a strict separation of our duties as investment consultants, with investment manager relationships. This ensures that we give impartial independent advice to the client.



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